Reduce the RISK of unforeseeable costs

A Cost-Effective Solution That Makes Cold Chain Monitoring Easy and Affordable

  • There are many products that need to be shipped under the right temperature. However, in order to ensure and prevent any losses, shippers and receivers need real-time data to ensure any problems can be mitigated while shipments are in route.
  • ColdWhere utilizes an innovative solution to provide one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. No costly equipment to install, ecologically friendly, and reusable.
  • The advanced features of our technology makes it possible to log temperature and humidity—providing evidence of compliance that meets the FDA requirements for electronic record keeping.
  • Our devices provide a time-stamped record of the conditions encountered in transit—ensuring you have complete oversight over your cold chain.
  • We offer a customizable portal which enables users to select what information is important to them.

Actual example of ColdWhere Tracking

  1. ColdWhere customer portal temperature parameters set to 41° – 51°F
  2. Real-time alert sent to customer when temperature deviated from set parameter
  3. Due to accurate real-time temperature updates, the shipper was able to take corrective action to prevent a loss

RESULT: ColdWhere technology saved the customer $160,000 load loss!

Install ColdWhere technology in your cargo today.

Prevent unnecessary and costly loss.


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